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Arctic Cat Prowler 700 HDX Limited

  • Arctic Cat® has taken the Side by Side industry to new heights in quality and design. It didn’t happen by accident. Arctic Cat product designers are enthusiasts, adventure-seekers and hardworking folks just like you. So when it comes to researching what you want, we pretty much have it down.


    700 H1 4-Stroke Engine w/EFI

    The 700 H1 is a 695cc, liquid-cooled single-cylinder with EFI. This engine creates a huge amount of power and torque. Along with being a cleaner-burning, more efficient engine, the H1 delivers excellent throttle response and superior thermal efficiency.


    Fully-Independent Suspension

    In the face of aggressive terrain, 10 inches of travel, combined with 10 inches of ground clearance lets you consume every obstacle in your workday.


    Digital Gauge

    The digital gauge features 14 critical operation information indicators: clock/hour meter, fuel level, mode button, set/reset button, odometer/trip, gear position, speedometer/tachometer, needle display, differential lock, high beam, temperature and oil pressure.


    Duro Kaden Tires & Aluminum Wheels

    The all purpose Duro 3 Star Kaden tire is a favorite among the offroad crowd. It’s a go anywhere, do everything tire that gives you great grip and a great ride. These handsome aluminum wheels deserve nothing less.


    On-The-Fly 2/4 WD + Electric Front Differential Lock

    Purists prefer to be in control of when to shift into 4WD. With the flip of a switch power is delivered to both the rear and front wheels via the open front differential. In 4WD steering remains light. When you need maximum traction flip the switch again to lock the front differential.

    3-Passenger Seat

    The Prowler® HDX™ is a working Side by Side. Sometimes the job calls for an extra hand. Which is why we added the three-person bench seat.



    Transformable Tilting Rear Cargo Box

    The HDX™ was voted the industry’s best heavy duty ROV. The 2-in-1 cargo box hauls up to 1,000 lbs. It’s wide enough to fit a wooden pallet and converts to a flatbed in minutes.

    Front and Rear 2-Inch Receivers

    You’re gonna be towing stuff. So naturally, we provide the receiver for your 2-inch hitch. And to make things even more interesting, you’ll find a second receiver up front. Now that’s clever. And useful.



    Underhood Storage

    Underneath this Prowler® hood is a large 25-lb. capacity storage area. It’s a great place to keep those valuable high, dry and out of site.

    Side Storage Compartments

    There’s no shortage of places to store your tools and toys. Check out these hidden storage areas located in the side wheel wells.



    Sleek Side Restraints

    Nifty, huh? It’s all about ergonomics. Making sure you’re in there feeling good and comfortable.

    Electronic Power Steering

    This model features variable assist electronic power steering (EPS). Arctic Cat® EPS activates automatically at the moment of ignition. Thanks to this advanced technology, steering your machine requires minimal effort even at rock crawling slow speeds.



    Automotive-Style Paint

    Why do we give these machines such a nice paint job when all you’re gonna do is take it out and get it very dirty? The answer will hit you the second you hose off all that dirt. There’s nothing prettier.

    Tilt Steering

    The way we see it, if comfort is your priority, tilt steering has to be part of the package. This Prowler® features a 5-position tilt steering wheel.



    Dashboard Shift Lever with Park

    Ergonomics on these machines are quite excellent. Here’s another example. The shift lever is right there on the dash. We’ve added the Park gear for the sake of convenience. No need to set the parking brake. But we recommend you do anyway, especially when parking on steeper grades.

  • The technology that goes into Arctic Cat® Side by Sides has evolved through the years. We really want you to understand all the details that make your Arctic Cat perform the way it does. So, dive in and enjoy. 


    • Engine Type: SOHC, 4-stroke, 4-valve w/EFI
    • Engine Displacement: 695cc
    • Cooling System: Liquid with Fan
    • Bore x Stroke: 102×85 mm
    • Alternator Capacity: 28 amps
    • Speedometer: Digital
    • Odometer: Digital
    • Fuel Capacity: 8.2 gal.


    • Front Suspension: Double A-Arm
    • Front Travel: 10 in.
    • Rear Suspension: Double A-Arm
    • Rear Travel: 10 in.
    • Front Tires: 26x9R14
    • Rear Tires: 26x11R14


    • Transmission: Automatic CVT with EBS, Hi/Lo Range, Reverse & Park
    • Drive System: 2/4 WD + Electric Front Differential Lock
    • Front Brakes: Hydraulic Disc
    • Rear Brakes: Hydraulic Disc


    • Overall Length: 129 in.
    • Overall Width: 60 in.
    • Overall Height: 79 in.
    • Wheelbase: 85 in.
    • Ground Clearance: 10 in.
    • Dry Weight: 1363 lbs.


    • Front Rack Capacity: NA
    • Rear Rack|Box Storage Capacity: 1000 lbs.
    • Towing Capacity: 1500 lbs.

    Special Features

    Power Steering, Aluminum Wheels, Automotive-Style Paint (Non-Camo Models), Front & Rear 2-Inch Receivers, Sleek Side Restraints, Rear FOX FLOAT Coil-Over Shocks, Side Storage Compartments, Transformable Tilt Rear Cargo Box, 3-Passenger Seat, Dashboard Shift Lever with Park, Duro Kaden Tires, 25-lb. Underhood Storage Capacity

    Specifications Subject to Change

  • Mother nature designs the weather. We design the gear that keeps you comfortable. There’s no such thing as a bad riding day when you’re wearing the right gear.




    D.O.T.- and Snell-approved fiberglass shell. Twin air intake/exhaust ventilation system. Removable/washable liner



    Lends maximum eye protection from impact-resistant G.E. Lexan® lenses. V-nose, foam surround and silicone treated strap provide a snug yet comfortable fit.



    Our lightest, coolest gloves provide excellent warm-weather performance. Breathable mesh back with padded knuckle protection.



    60% cotton, 40% polyester. 8 oz. Vintage soft feel.



    100% cotton



    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CATALOG (pdf format, 128 pages, 53MB)

  • 1436-930

    Box Enclosure

    Sturdy aluminum framework and canvas construction easily mounts to the rear cargo box. Front and rear see-through windows with zippered rear access.


    LXC Cab Kit

    Cab components have an excellent fit and a high degree of finish. Lightweight and spacious; easy to install. Provides ample protection against the elements and plenty of ventilation.


    Cab Heater

    Space-saving, underhood-mounted heat unit. High-output, dual speed fan and two-directional outlets in splash panel keep feet warm.


    Prowler® TigerTrax™ 2

    Improved flotation, increased ground clearance, optimized frame geometry, aggressive track design, and significant increase in ground traction.


    Skid Plate

    High-strength, brushed aluminum construction for undercarriage protection. Incorporated drainage holes.


    Front Brushguard Bumper

    Contoured fit for protection of grill, hood and headlights. Mounts to front frame and pivots for underhood access.

    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CATALOG (pdf format, 128 pages, 53MB)